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Couples therapy

In our Centrum Psychoterapii located in Warsaw, we are dedicated to supporting couples during challenging times, with the goal of restoring harmony and healthy dynamics in their relationship. Couples therapy is an extremely important form of assistance and our team of specialists focuses on providing professional support in this delicate area of life.

One of the key elements of couples therapy is learning effective communication. Together with our experienced therapists, couples have the opportunity to discover new ways of communicating, allowing them to better understand each other and resolve issues more effectively.

So why is couples therapy so important? Firstly, it allows couples to view their relationships from a new perspective. It facilitates the identification of behavior patterns that may lead to conflicts and provides tools to build healthy habits and strengthen emotional bonds.

It helps navigate through crises such as illness, infidelity, the arrival of a child or other challenging situations that may arise in the shared life of two individuals. Sometimes, it can also serve as support for a healthy separation.

We conduct couples therapy in both Polish and English. We also support LGBT couples.

Psychotherapist working with couples in English in our center is Michał Kopeć.

Therapeutic sessions for couples take place every two weeks, lasting 75 minutes each, with the cost of a single session being 350 PLN.

Feel free to schedule appointments by calling +48 888 33 43 63 or emailing contact@centrum-psychoterapii.com